Wolf 137cm Outdoor Grill

Wolf 137cm Outdoor Grill

The ICBOG54 outdoor BBQ grill is sculpted from our signature stainless steel and has four individually contained burners for independent heat control, including a powerful 7.5kW infrared sear zone, a 4.7kW rotisserie system and four 7.4kW grill burners. Halogen lights illuminate the grilling surface and the classic red control knobs are LED lit for easy nighttime grilling.

Price includes ICBOG36, CART, Cover, Delivery & VAT

Wolf 76cm Outdoor Grill


Wolf 137cm Outdoor Grill

Masterful Performance – Wolf outdoor grills specialise in nuanced temperature control—the key to successful grilling. We combine the searing power of independent grill burners—up to 26.6 kW on the 107 cm outdoor BBQ grill—with even, radiant heat from ceramic briquettes. The result? Predictably delicious meals. The precise high to low temperature control lets you masterfully grill anything from mouthwatering ribeyes to enticingly crosshatched vegetables.

With the Wolf 137cm Outdoor Grill , you can count on exceptional performance for decades; every Wolf outdoor grill is precision-welded, double-walled stainless steel that will not rust or hold water. Yet the heavy-gauge hood lifts with a light touch, assisted by concealed springs.

The included cart (as shown) is perfect for freestanding, with multiple storage options and convenient winged shelving ideal for preparation or serving.


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